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Liberated Debris is a project that positions making as a form of protest.



Discarded Resources

Myriad devices and objects, made from plastics and materials that take up to thousands of years to decompose, but become obsolete shortly after production. We, the people, are bombarded by these devices everyday, offered in cheaper and cheaper prices. With no sign of slowing down, this swarm of electronic devices will continue to spread into our homes and landfills.  

Yet, the value we put in them is imposed by their manufacturers, and unless we unlock a new potential for them, we will continue to compromise our surroundings. This project deconstructs electronic devices and uses their parts to unravel new values and aesthetics that impact our relationships with these devices. 


It is a hands-on, material-based, method of learning and interacting with objects. Making doesn't always mean literally creating new or physical objects, making can refer to any method of production and creation, be it physical or digital. Makers have a unique position, as creators not manufacturers. Makers have the ability to tap into a sea of resources available at hand, and growing.



A little about me

I am an undisciplined maker/designer/artist. My experience includes design practice and training, everyday making, and tattoo practice. I have a BFA in Visual Communications from Dubai, and currently pursuing a MDes in Digital Futures from OCAD University. I pursue a human-centred approach that puts the human touch in the design and production of our everyday objects and interactions.

Silent Metronome
Built from repurposed wood, acrylic, vibration motors. This device is meant allow its user to feel the rhythm on their skin rather than just hear it. 

Digital theremin
Built from repurposed wood and other materials. This device allows the player to manipulate sounds based on their proximity to the device.

Finger cajon
Built from found materials in the workshop. This is a personal interest in creating finger percussion instruments that is mobile.

Flowers of Life
This installation simulates the birth and death rates in the world and reflects that data in rotating discs, symbolizing life.

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